Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Northwoods Springdale
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Are you ready to explore new places and enjoy off-road adventures on a new hybrid bike? Hybrids combine the features of road bikes and mountain bikes to give you the perfect vehicle for exploring every terrain with no need to trade in your wheels.

If you’re a beginner, buying an affordable entry-level hybrid is a great way to get familiar with hybrid features and discover exactly what you love and want in a bike. Hybrids are also a great choice for intermediate riders who already have some experience but want to learn more about the versatility and freedom of riding a hybrid.

Shopping for an affordable hybrid is fun, but it can also be a challenge. To help make your selection easier, check out our top-rated picks for men’s and women’s hybrid bikes priced under $500.

Best Hybrid Bikes for Men Under 500 Dollars: Quick Comparison Table

Schwinn Discover21AluminiumShimanoShimano700cLinear Pull
Schwinn Wayfarer7Steel--700cRim Brakes
Schwinn Siro21AluminiumShimanoShimano700cMechanical Rim
Schwinn Capital21AluminiumShimanoShimano700cRim Brakes
Giordano RS70021Aluminium & SST SteelShimanoShimano700cMechanical Rim
Schwinn Network 3.021AluminiumShimanoShimano700cMechanical Rim
Diamondback Bicycles Insight 221AluminiumShimanoAltus700cDisc Brakes
Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood7AluminiumShimano-700cMechanical Rim
Northwoods Springdale21AluminiumShimanoShimano700cDisc Brakes

Best Hybrid Bikes for Women Under 500 Dollars: Quick Comparison Table

Northwoods Springdale21AluminiumShimanoShimano700cDisc Brakes
Schwinn Discover21AliminiumShimanoShimano700cRim Brakes
Schwinn Wayfare7SteelShimanoShimano700cRim Brakes
Schwinn Ladies Perla7SteelShimanoShimano700cRim Brakes
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney7Aluminium & SST SteelShimanoShimano26 Inch-
Gama Bikes City Basic Step-Thru6SteelShimanoShimano26 Inch-

Top 9 Hybrid Bikes for Men under $500 Reviews in 2017

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Aluminum frame
  • Schwinn quality suspension fork
  • 21-speed shifters with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Alloy crank and brakes
  • Swept-back, upright handlebar
  • Stylish rear gear carrier
  • 700C Wheels

A great bike from a well-known and trusted brand, the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid is designed with both everyday utility and wild adventure in mind. Most riders find that the upright handlebar and suspension seat post ensure a comfortable ride while the quality Shimano components and reliable brake system provide precision control and boost confidence on rough or unpredictable terrain.

The Discover is also visually attractive and easy to put together without professional assistance. Its rear rack makes carrying books, provisions or shopping bags easy, and the sharp-looking fenders keep your clothes safe from splashes. For a modest price, the Discover delivers everything you need for a full introduction to the wonders of riding a hybrid.

Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Steel hybrid frame
  • Seven-speed shifters with Schwinn rear derailleur
  • Coordinating fenders and rear rack
  • Spring seat
  • Alloy brakes in front and rear
  • Includes Schwinn lifetime warranty

Whether you need a bike for commuting or exploring the great outdoors, the Schwinn Men’s Wayfarer Hybrid has what you need to do it in style and comfort. Although the urban-style bike’s steel frame is somewhat heavier than some other models, its great components and smooth, fast ride wins over the toughest critics.

With its reliable brakes and easy handling on inclines, the Wayfarer is known to deliver consistent performance in a variety of road conditions. The reasonably priced bike even gives you a few extras like a rear rack, fenders and a chain guard.

Schwinn Men’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle

User Rating

  • Lightweight aluminum hybrid frame
  • Quality Schwinn suspension fork
  • Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur
  • Alloy linear brakes
  • Alloy rims
  • Padded comfort seat
  • Front quick-release
  • Swept-back handlebar

Another reliable and affordable model from Schwinn, the Siro is a popular aluminum hybrid that makes a versatile and functional fitness bike, casual commuter bike or off-road adventure bike. The Siro’s lightweight frame, speed selections and shock absorbing power keeps you comfortable and in control regardless of road conditions, and you can further enhance your comfort with its adjustable handlebar.

Its tire size makes it more suitable for urban riding, and some riders may find that it’s a little small. However, good overall performance is the general rule, and the price is well within most rider’s budgets.

Schwinn Capital Men’s Hybrid Bicycle

User Rating

  • Lightweight aluminum hybrid frame
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Suspension seat post
  • Front and rear alloy V-brakes
  • Alloy wheels
  • Shimano 21-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Quick-release front wheel

The Schwinn Capital is popular among men who like to have fun while they’re getting or staying fit. Besides being a great bike for sports and fitness, it allows riders to explore mountain trails and rocky roads with confidence, comfort and control. It has a lightweight, responsive frame, a suspension seat post to optimize your riding comfort and reliable Shimano components to keep the ride smooth and predictable. Some riders may find the standard saddle to be a bit hard, but the bike looks great and rides well, and the price is hard to beat.

Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Aluminum frame with steep fork
  • 21-Speed Shimano shifters
  • Flat handlebar
  • Easy to assemble
  • 700C Wheels
  • Built for riders between 5’9” and 6’2”

One of our favorite lightweight aluminum hybrids, the Giordano RS700 is strong, responsive and light on its wheels. The RS700’s quiet, smooth ride lets you speed through the city or along a relaxing trail. Its 21 speeds provide the versatility you need to face changing or challenging terrain. Perfect for beginners and intermediate riders alike, the well-rounded model performs consistently well in all road conditions.

You may want to replace the standard saddle with something more comfortable, but most of the RS700’s features feel as good as they look. For the low price, it’s definitely worth the small compromise.

Schwinn Men’s Network 3.0 Men’s Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Schwinn aluminum hybrid frame
  • Shimano 21-speed rear derailleur
  • Schwinn suspension fork and suspension seat post
  • Alloy rims
  • Padded comfort saddle
  • 700C wheels
  • Upright riding position

Another winning model from Schwinn and one of our top selections for value, the Network 3.0 is built around rider comfort and quality components. It has all of the attributes that makes a hybrid such a great choice; it offers speed, control and impressive versatility. Network owners applaud its easy assembly instructions, its long-term reliability and its great price.

If you like to stay prepared for whatever the road may bring, the Network comes with mounts for a water bottle and a rear rack.

Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • 6061-T6 butted aluminum hybrid frame
  • Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano FDM-191 front derailleur
  • Shimano cranks, FCM131 with chain guard
  • Alloy linear pull brakes
  • Integrated Aero alloy straight blade suspension
  • Kenda Kwick Trax 700C wheels

A well-crafted hybrid that lives up to its name, the Insight features an innovative design and superior components. Whether your goal is speed, fitness, superior control or just having a great time, the Insight has you covered. Its meticulous geometry and responsive frame keeps you comfortable and safe in the saddle.

The Insight’s performance and quality is accompanied by a modest price tag, which makes it a valuable find for inexperienced beginners and intermediate riders alike. Its blend of attributes make it ideal for commuting, off-road riding and fitness.

Diamondback Bicycles Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bicycle

User Rating

  • 6061-T6 aluminum hybrid frame
  • Suspension fork and seat post
  • Shimano 21-speed drivetrain
  • Upright pedaling position
  • 700C wheels
  • Professional assembly recommended

For a light-framed hybrid with great components, the Edgewood sports a humble price tag. Edgewood riders praise its great tires and surprisingly comfortable seat. A 21-speed Shimano drivetrain prepares you for any road situation or unscheduled change of terrain, so the stylish hybrid can actively support your love of spontaneity while guaranteeing a smooth ride.

Upright pedaling lessens the chances of road fatigue, and responsive brakes help keep your adventures safe. A few do-it-yourself owners have complained about assembly difficulties, so unless you’re mechanically inclined, having a professional assemble your Edgewood may be a wise investment.

Northwoods Springdale Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle

User Rating

  • Aluminum hybrid frame
  • 21 speeds with Shimano Tourney rear derailleur
  • 700C wheels
  • Alloy rims
  • Quick-release seat clamp
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Includes rear rack and fenders

Regardless of terrain and weather conditions, the Northwoods Springdale has what it takes to make your ride more fun. It has a sharp-looking design, a reliable performance record and a fan base that swears by its stress-free, comfortable geometry.

With 21-speed Shimano shifting at your fingertips, you can be sure that inclines, hills, gravel roads and rough trails are no match for your bike. Keep your essentials on hand with the Springdale’s rear rack, and enjoy the protection of coordinating fenders. A great price makes this Northwoods model a favorite of both beginners and experienced riders.

Top 6 Hybrid Bikes for Women under $500 Reviews in 2017

Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid

User Rating

  • Lightweight aluminum hybrid frame
  • Shimano rear derailleur
  • Comfortable riding position
  • 700C wheels
  • 21 Speeds
  • Alloy rims
  • Linear pull brakes

Springdale owners love the bike’s retro-cruiser look, but its true prowess is in how it handles hills, trails and challenging situations with the ease and finesse of a high-end hybrid. Its innovative design and careful geometry keeps its riders confident and comfortable during their daily commutes and wild adventures.

Shimano shifters and a Tourney rear derailleur make gives you everything you need to master everything from paved back streets to mountain trails, and the Springdale’s disc brakes offer safe stops and protection from mud and snow clogs. You even get a rear rack and stylish fenders.

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Aluminum hybrid frame
  • Schwinn alloy crank set and suspension fork
  • 21-speed SRAM grip-shifters
  • Padded saddle
  • Shimano TX-31 rear derailleur
  • Reliable ProMax linear pull brakes
  • Swept-back handlebar

The women’s Discover model is a Schwinn classic and a popular choice among savvy shoppers. It has a sporty urban look that matches its carefree style. The ride is smooth thanks to quality suspension and a comfortable, fatigue-busting riding position.

A hit with females at various skill levels, the Discover helps you get a feel for various types of terrain with no intimidation. Its 21 speeds let you shift effortlessly as needed while reliable braking power boosts your confidence and control. Besides its responsive ride and cool looks, the Discover also offers a rear rack and fenders.

Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Alloy front and hind brakes
  • Schwinn rear derailleur
  • Durable steel frame
  • Incudes fenders and coordinating rear rack
  • Seven-speed shifters
  • Limited lifetime warranty

If you’re looking for a multipurpose hybrid that’s easy to ride and makes all of your adventures more fun, the Wayfare is an ideal solution for your fitness, recreation and commuting needs. It has a comfy spring seat, seven speeds to cover any type of road situation and reliable components to keep your ride smooth and safe even on the roughest trails.

The Wayfare has a cool, retro-style look and female-friendly geometry. Most buyers report that the assembly instructions are simple and can be completed quickly, and the price is appealing to smart shoppers with tight budgets.

Schwinn Ladies Perla Seven-Speed Cruiser Bike

User Rating

  • Steel cruiser frame and fork
  • Decorative embroidered seat stitching
  • Schwinn seven-speed shifters and rear derailleur
  • Alloy V-brakes
  • Full fenders

A ladies’ hybrid with feminine style and grace, the much adored Perla Cruiser turns many heads. Schwinn didn’t skimp when it comes to the Perla’s elegant shape, coloring and finishing details. It’s practically a fashion statement on its own. Fortunately, it also has great features to back up its good looks.

Hills and wind are no match for the hybrid’s seven speed options and its rider’s confident riding position. With its Schwinn rear derailleur, it’s ready for smooth roads, harsh terrain and everything in-between the extremes. Although it performs best on pavement, it’s capable of holding its own if you want to have a little weekend fun in the mountains.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bike

User Rating

  • Aluminum step-through city frame
  • Shimano seven-speed internal hub
  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • Synthetic leather saddle
  • Matching full fenders
  • Foot-forward seat and pedal position

High-gloss chrome components and a shimmering frame make this hybrid a showstopper, but its looks aren’t the only pleasant surprise. A great, lightweight hybrid for beginners, the seven-speed EVRYjourney classic cruiser can tackle city streets and tough trails with ease. It’s easy to put together and even easier to ride, making it an affordable and satisfying choice for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Gama Bikes Women’s City Hybrid Urban Cruiser

User Rating

  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Relaxed upright riding position
  • Shimano Tourney six-speed shifting
  • Includes front and hind fenders, basket, chain guard and vintage bell

Six gears, bold style and optimum versatility run the show when you’re riding the popular Gama Bikes Women’s City Hybrid. It’s perfect for the beach, your ride to work and your favorite off-road locations. You even get all the vintage extras including a basket and a bell. The manufacturer recommends professional assembly for the best results.

Conclusion: Our Top Picks for Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500

Based on our careful evaluation of all listed models, we’ve found that the following bikes meet our expectations for excellent value and performance, and we have named them our best hybrid bikes under $500.

Our Top Pick for Men: The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Our top-rated men’s hybrid comes from Schwinn, a company that has made quality bikes for more than a century. The Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike offers every feature that makes owning a hybrid fun.

Quality components keep the bike running smoothly so that you can focus on exploring the world around you. You’ll ride in comfort, you’ll look good on the road, and you won’t be left with an empty wallet. Overall, the Discover delivers fantastic value and superior performance for the money spent.



Our Top Pick for Women: Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid

Our pick for best women’s hybrid under $500 is the Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bike. A lightweight aluminum introductory model with a 21-speed drivetrain, it easily masters hills, trails and pavement with grace and speed.

Whether its rider is a novice or a hybrid connoisseur, it delivers consistently good performance in a variety of situations, and it looks and rides like a model that you would expect to have a much higher price tag.